What is CATSNAP?

Catsnap of central Illinois:

  • Operates a low income spay/neuter service
  • Adopts out cats, dogs, and small animal
  • Provides educational materials to promote successful pet ownership
  • Assists feral cat caretakers with spay/neuter help and trapping

Special Cats: Sponsor One Today

Special cats like Mitzi (left) are often euthanized after being labeled unadoptable.  Mitzi, for example, was diagnosed with a congenital bone disease.  Nobody told Mitzi that she had a handicap.  Lucky for her, she found Ann, a veterinary student who saw  how tenacious and fun-loving Mitzi was.  Today, Mitzi is doing remarkably well.

 As long as a cat has a meaningful quality of life, Catsnap goes to great lengths to help these gentle souls.  Consider sponsoring one of our special cats today.  Learn more...

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