Xena is a super-affectionate cat. She likes to cuddle and responds warmly to all petting. Her quiet purr-motor runs with the slightest touch. Having human contact is reassuring to her, and necessary for her well-being. She will lay alongside you or sneak her way onto your lap if given the chance. She always wants to be in the same room with people and comes any time she's called by name. Her own voice is a soft mew. She is an obedient listener and very eager to please.
Other endearing traits: well-behaved; waits every morning at the bedroom door eager to greet you; wraps her paws around your arm to hold you close, like a hug; doesn't jump on tables or counters (a cautious jumper by nature); her favorite toy is a simple string. Xena needs a human companion who is willing to give her lots of love. She will shower you with attention in return. She is very loyal, a joy to have in the household.

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