Sweet Brown Sugar! What does she see when she gazes at her surroundings?

Does she see feelings and emotions and shimmery reflections of wants and needs? Does she search for answers in the chaos the she is submerged in? Does she think of her childhood, long for her mother, cherish her memories of her siblings and the security she always felt when they all curled in one tight ball and nursed and slept?

Is she still crushed when she ended up at a derelict mobile home park with no food, water or shelter from the elements? Her babies never found?  Is her belief in the kindness of humans so shattered it will never be well again for her.

I think not.

Brown Sugar will endure and thus triumph! She will rise from the ashes of her despair and like a phoenix she will soar. Because her person is coming. Who or when I do not know! But it will be soon!

And she will go home!



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