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Sammy Sue

Samantha Sue, a unique cat, taken with her sister and brother from a low budget facility. Fleas, worms and a terrible case of URI, these poor kittens had received no vet care and were underweight and limp. Catsnap pulled them and after hundreds of dollars are proud to call these lovely friendly babies theirs.  It took time, patience and lots of tending and vet visits, but Samantha's  brother and sister got a home.

This one is a treasure but Samantha suffers from allergies and needs to be on Lysine daily. A three month supply costs about 13.00 and builds the immune system. She also at various times needs a antibodic as she gets the sniffles such as people do when they have allergies. She thinks she is the healthiest cat in the world and her allergies do not stop her. She was adopted to a wonderful home but was returned as her owner feared she would keep getting out with her grandchildren in and out the door. Samantha is a highly intelligent cat and when she wants to travel she is prone to try to turn into Houdini!

Great homes only need apply as with all our Catsnap babies.




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