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Smoke is an easy-going guy. Most of the day he can be found peacefully napping while simultaneously looking absolutely adorable. Although he is lazy during the day, he becomes quite the affectionate cat at night. He ventures out of his cozy bed at night to come cuddle with you and see how your day w as; he's quite considerate like that. He may be a little shy when you first meet him, but trust us, he will be your closest snuggle buddy in no time! He won't want you to stop petting him either! If you try to stop, he'll wrap his paws around your hand and bring you closer to him, begging for attention.

He's a funny cat who loves to eat! He is obsessed with treats and will meow loudly whenever he is about to get one of his favorite snacks.

He is loyal and will watch over you during the day. Even if he is sleeping, he will stay near by to make sure you are never in any danger. And at night, he'll sit above you or beside you, making sure that once again you are safe. 

Unfortunately, Smoke was thrown outside to fend for himself before he came to Catsnap. During this horrible time in his life, he was attacked by a cat carrying the FIV virus. His condition does not require any extra care, however, and Smoke plans on living a very long, fulfilling life!

He doesn't need much; he will just want to be with you wherever you go and provide very calm companionship. He has a big heart and wants to show you all the love he can! He wouldn't mind some love back too.


FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) is a widely misunderstood condition. Many people think that it’s easily spread, makes cats very sick, and that they have a lower life expectancy, so they are not often adopted. This is far from the truth! When a cat tests positive for FIV, it means they either carry the virus or have been vaccinated for it at some point (which causes them to test positive for the disease, which is why this vaccination isn’t recommended, among other reasons). FIV is not spread through casual contact such as shared food/water/litter, mutual grooming, or playing. It is most commonly spread through deep, vicious bite wounds typically inflicted by intact toms fighting on the streets over food, females, or territory. If a cat has been spayed or neutered, they are unlikely to fight in this manner, and if the population is stable (no serious fighting), FIV+ cats can live with non-infected cats. FIV+ cats can live as long and healthy a life as non-infected cats. This doesn’t mean they will never become ill; they are, after all immune-compromised, so illnesses can be easier to catch and harder to fight off. They have the same needs as any other cat: high quality nutrition, a clean, stress-free, strictly indoor environment, regular veterinary visits (two times per year), and lots of love. If they should become ill, they are generally treated earlier, longer, and more aggressively than non-immune-compromised cats (meaning they need to see the vet at the very first sign of illness and may be on a stronger medication or on medication for a longer period of time). It is kind of like someone with a transplant.

Twenty years ago before it was well known many vets thought euthanasia was the answer. Today with more research and better education they see that with proper care non-aggressive cats that will not bite or are not bitten by an aggressive cat are just as adoptable as any other cat.

Many times people will adopt two FIV cats to give both a home. And that is a miracle called rescue!


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