Spay and Neuter Information & 
Request for Assistance


If you utilize our referral service, your pet must be dropped off and picked up the same day and you will be responsible for providing the after-care.  It is not a full-service clinic, and the vets we refer do not offer declawing or other elective procedures.  They do offer vaccinations of FVRCP for an additional charge.

Surgery fee is: 

$80 per male.  $125  for female and includes Rabies.  FVRCP is 10.00 extra. Any requests for service where the whole fee cannot be met must be cleared prior to surgery.  CATsNAP refers client to area vets and is not responsible for any expenses incurred because of surgery nor assumes any liability due to the procedure.

Dog Spay & Neuter Help:

Contact the Paxton Veterinary Clinic at 217-379-3232 and inquire about their everyday low cost dog or cat surgery prices.

Champaign County Animal Control

Animal Control at 217-384-3798 may be offering sterilization or vaccination programs shortly. Their main partner, the U of I, has just resumed their Shelter Medicine community spay neuter program and this is their source for low income funding. 

Champaign County Humane Society

CCHS offers low cost spay neuter options for low income owners.  To make an appointment, call the shelter at 217-344-7297 during regular business hours A  microchip can be implanted for an additional fee. Feral cats may be done free.  This information was taken from their website and may be subject to change. However, they do have a waiting list.

Feral Cat Program: CatSnap

Suggested minimum donation is $55 male and $65 for a female  and the animal will have its left ear clipped. Ear-tipping is a painless procedure done under anesthesia (during the spay/neuter surgery) where the top of the left ear is cut straight across.  It is a universal sign to animal control officers that a cat is wild, but is fixed and vaccinated. For low income recipients we will assist at a lower cost after verification. We do reserve the right to keep any animals that are claimed as feral for rehabilitation and adoption if friendly or may keep longer is in poor physical shape. Contact  for information and referral.  

Animals can be spayed/neutered safely at 8 weeks of age.  It is best to spay a female BEFORE her first heat.  It is not necessary for any animal to have a litter.  It is actually healthier for them to not have a litter.