Online Fundraising Auctions

As an all volunteer, non profit organization, we rely entirely on donations.

But you have to have a little fun, right? This is where the fundraising auction comes in!

Catsnap holds fundraising auctions approximately 2-3 times per year via our Facebook group - join us to stay in the know on auction dates and to get an early look at the donated items up for bidding!

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Accepting Donations


We accept new and like new items/services for our auction. Items do not have to be pet themed, but these are always popular!  We also love donations from crafters, direct sales from individuals and local businesses. Participating in the auction helps the kitties while giving you exposure for your business!

A DONATION folder will be created within the auction group. You will upload your item(s), give a brief description of your lot, and list an estimated/retail value. It helps bidders to know the value! We do not require minimum bid amounts, if you prefer to set one please pass this information along to the auction coordinator. All items are for local pickup unless you specify that you will ship. At this time, donors are responsible for shipping charges if they offer this option.

The IRS has specific rules regarding tax deductions for donations  to charity auctions. Likewise winning bids are subject to specific requirements to claim a tax deduction. Please refer to the IRS website or a tax professional any questions regarding a tax deduction, as certain situations are not tax deductible.

Step 2: Processing Donations

Our auction coordinator will sort through the DONATION folder. Requests may be made for missing information, such as a blanket measurement or how much the value of a gift card is. An auction lot # will be assigned to each lot as the auction bidding dates get closer. Please make note of your auction numbers for tracking purposes. A drop off day will be posted in the Facebook group - all items must be dropped off prior to the start of the auction.  Prior to dropping off your items, please label each one with the lot #, your name and email address. Very helpful for getting things to the right people and keeping track of 100+ items we receive for each auction!

Each lot will then be added to the AUCTION folder for bidding. 

No bids are accepted on anything in the donation folder and no bids are accepted prior to the start of the auction. Every post and comment is time stamped, so to be fair we only count bids placed during the auction window.

Step 3: Auction is OPEN - bid, bid, bid!

The auction will open at a specific time and close at a specific time as posted in the auction group. Once the auction is open - bid away! 

Keep in mind this is to raise money for the care of our adoptable cats and kittens. Don't be afraid to over bid on an item. This is an auction, after all! If you really want it - go for it! 

Most of all, we want this to be a FUN experience.

Enjoy the bidding wars, support the fur-balls, and win that special item (or two, or three..) you wanted!

Please note the end date and time of the auction - bids placed after the auction closes do not count.


Step 4: Payment & Pick Up

Winners will be notified which lot(s) they have won with detailed instructions on where/how to make their payment

Payment is expected within three days via PayPal.

If you wish to pay in person via cash or check, you may do so at pickup.

Pick Up times and location will be posted within the auction group. 

We generally have  two to three opportunities to pick up. If you can't make the pick up date(s), you will need to make other arrangements. (See below)

PLEASE NOTE: All items - paid and unpaid - which are not claimed within two weeks of the last pick up date will be returned to the donor, placed into a future auction, or donated to a local charity at our discretion UNLESS other arrangements are made with the auction coordinator Angelina Berg or Jo Menacher Any problems that may occur or suggestions that could benefit this fund raiser please email the names above at

We do appreciate all the donations and the bidding as it goes a long way towards spaying/neutering animals.

Again, CATsNAP thanks you!